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janineelizabeth I think we’re feeling the same vibe right now?! 👀 on the 🎁

ashleyfell yes we are! I’m trying to finish school in 2 semesters and get outta here and explore life with literally positive vibes only!! Love you!!

If I blogged half of the crazy shit that goes on in my home life you’d wonder how I’m still alive and still able to be positive. There is nothing and no one standing in my way of achieving my goals I’ve set for myself. Am I where I wanted to be in life? No. But who ever said there’s a timeline? I just keep my goals in sight and calendar out of sight and out of mind. I’m about to juggle a lot of stuff and when I come out on top, I’ll feel more grateful for life than ever.

However, if another person asks me if I want to get married and have kids, they might get a black eye.

I like being alone a lot. I just like peace and quiet and the sense of calm. Being nagged like a child daily makes me want to jump off a cliff. 8 months until I’m out. 8 more..